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Microbiota Research & Clinical Studies

Shifting Microbiota through...Lipid Engineering and Activated Oils

Our Scientist have developed a library of Activated Oil Systems that selectively target bacterial and viral pathogens while protecting commensal (good) bacteria, more effectively shifting the skin, gut, and respiratory microbiota.


GlycosBio's scientific team is dedicated to the development of elemental natural products that address microbiota dysbiosis. The concept of selectively influencing the intestinal, pulmonary, and skin microbiota holds promise as a prospective therapy for dysbiosis and an alternative to antibiotics and broad spectrum prescription treatments. 

Clinical Study

GB-AD22, Atopic Dermatitis

Assessment of an Activated Oil (AO) formulation to manage the skin microbiome following Atopic Dermatitis (AD) flare-ups. 


This is a multi-center, randomized, blinded, controlled trial assessing the potential benefit of adding modified plant oils or “Activated Oils” (AOs) to a standard-of-care (SOC) topical formulation for the treatment of Eczema / Atopic Dermatitis.  


Study hypothesis: Treating mild to moderate AD lesions with a SOC AD lotion amended with modified lipids will significantly improve ADSI scores; decrease the absolute and relative abundance of S. aureus on the selected AD lesion area and increase the overall microbial diversity on the selected AD lesion area. 

Clinical Study

GB-SM23, Strep Mutans

A single-center, clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy of an Activated Oil System (AOS) toothpaste treatment in patients with high levels of S. mutans.

GlycosBio has created a natural Activated Oil System that has been proven to have selective bactericidal effects against S. mutans without affecting other bacterial constituents in an arranged biofilm.


This technology will be clinically validated in a dental oral hygiene product that selectively eliminates S. mutans from the oral flora in live patients.

Clinical Study

GB-CP23, Clinical Pharyngitis

An open-label, single-center, Phase 1 clinical trial to evaluate the safety, tolerability and exploratory efficacy of an Activated Oil System (AOS) plus SOC treatment in children and adolescents with sore throats. -THE LION TRIAL

Our central hypothesis is that the administration of AOS as an adjunctive therapy in Group A Strep (GAS) / clinical pharyngitis will result in more rapid resolution of symptoms compared to standard of care (antibiotics) alone. Further, we hypothesize that administration of AOS will decrease GAS persistence following acute pharyngitis compared to standard of care (antibiotics) alone. The rationale for the proposed research is that more rapid improvement of symptoms and bacterial eradication following GAS pharyngitis will represent a significant health benefit to patients.

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