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Enhanced API & Drug Delivery Research

Enhancing Drug Delivery through...Lipid Engineering and Activated Oils

GlycosBio has developed a library of lipids designed to significantly enhance the permeability of molecules through the skin to improve the performance of target molecules. With the advice of medical professionals and expert scientific advisors we design lipid delivery systems to improve the performance of therapeutic and OTC skin care molecules. 

Drug delivery using Activate Oil Systems is an innovative approach that utilizes natural lipid-based carriers to transport therapeutic agents to specific target sites on the skin and within the body. Our lipid systems enhance the permeability and persistence (time on the body) of a wide range of personal care molecules and drugs, including hydrophobic and hydrophilic compounds. Technical advantages, such as enhanced drug delivery, prolonged contact time, and targeted delivery can be designed to selectively accumulate in certain tissues or cells, increasing API concentration at the desired site. Additionally, their biocompatibility and ability to cross biological barriers make Activated Oils a promising tool for efficient drug delivery in various therapeutic applications.

Image by camilo jimenez
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