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Lipid Engineering

Life Sciences Research and Development

GlycosBio is focused on research and development to improve the delivery and performance of natural bioactive molecules to the body using our engineered lipid technologies. The Company has developed a library of proprietary lipids designed to significantly enhance the performance of personal care molecules, including the ability to selectively unlock antimicrobial properties of natural materials for therapeutic benefit.

Our lipid systems (Activated Oil Systems) enhance the permeability and persistence (time on the body) of a wide range of personal care molecules and drugs, including hydrophobic and hydrophilic compounds. Technical advantages, such as enhanced drug delivery, prolonged contact time, and targeted delivery can be designed to selectively accumulate in certain tissues or cells, increasing API concentration at the desired site. Additionally, their biocompatibility and ability to cross biological barriers make Activated Oils a promising tool for efficient drug delivery in various therapeutic applications.


Located in the Johnson & Johnson Innovation Center at the Texas Medical Center, we collaborate with scientists and the medical community to design highly functional solutions where the microbiome is impaired or in dysbiosis. GlycosBio’s lipid engineering technologies harness the innate bioactive qualities in natural lipid structures to help Clients modernize OTC consumer and personal care products. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to nourish and enhance the lives of people at all stages of life with a focus on fragile populations struggling with microbiome dysbiosis. Using engineered lipids our scientists are working to reduce the dependence on antibiotics, antiseptics, and harsh preservatives. Our vision is to modernize and elevate nutrition, skincare, and pulmonary health for all populations from infants to adults using clean technology and clinically driven results.

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