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Using enzymology and advanced lipid engineering techniques, GlycosBio has developed a library of Activated Oil Systems that unlock novel therapeutic benefits to patients.

Life Sciences Focused,  Lipid Engineering Research to Unlock Therapeutic Potential & Health Benefits to Patients

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GlycosBio is focused on research and development to improve the therapeutic performance of natural bioactive molecules to the body using engineered lipid technologies. 


The concept of selectively influencing the intestinal, pulmonary, and skin microbiota holds promise as a prospective therapy for dysbiosis and an alternative for antibiotics and broad spectrum drug treatments. 

Clinically proven bioavailability technology specifically designed for GI compromised patients, including patients with exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI). 

Lipid Engineering

Microbiota Research

Bioavailability / Nutrition Research

Collaborative R&D

Clinical Validation

IP Licensing


Tech Transfer and IP Mgmt.


Business Model

GlycosBio's performs research and development at the Texas Medical Center in Houston. Therapeutic concepts and OTC product improvements are designed in collaboration with our Clients. On behalf of our Clients  we sponsor in vitro testing and in vivo clinical trials to scientifically validate our research and therapeutic performance. 

Through IP licensing, Clients have the ability to exclusively make, market and sell products with our proprietary patented technologies "inside". 

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