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Welcome To GlycosBio™

Healthy and Sustainable Living through Natural Materials

Glycos Biotechnologies, Inc. ("GlycosBio") is a biotechnology company specializing in making renewable specialty chemicals and nutritional food products.

GlycosBio’s biocatalyst and enzymatic processes upgrade natural, sustainable materials into higher-value chemical products, healthy functional foods and supplements. Renewable materials such as fish oil, rice bran, palm based fatty acids, crude glycerin and other sugar streams provide exceptional starting materials for human nutrition, food ingredients and specialty chemicals.

The Company has two main areas of focus: Specialty Chemicals and Healthy Nutraceutical Foods.

1. GlycosBio’s chemical platform utilizes diverse biochemical feedstocks that offer an economically competitive alternative to traditional petrochemical processes. Some of those feedstocks have been very difficult to process biologically, but GlycosBio is pioneering new bioprocesses that overcome the barriers to using those carbon sources. We begin with a carbon source, such as glycerin or waste fatty acids, and engineer pathways to optimize the use of these carbon sources through non-pathogenic microorganisms.

Biochemicals: Lactic Acid, Isoprene

Natural Materials: Crude Glycerol, Palm Fatty Acid Distillates, Glucose

End Markets: Food Ingredients, Biodegradable Plastics, Synthetic Rubber Markets

2. GlycosBio's nutraceutical platform supports the production of healthy food ingredients, beverages, dietary & nutritional supplements from novel natural agricultural and marine materials.

Nutraceuticals: Non-GMO Enriched Protein, Fiber, Concentrated Omega 3, Probiotics

Natural Materials: Rice Bran, Fish & Algal Oil, Palm Kernel Cake

End Markets: Nutritional Supplements, Shakes, Protein Bars, Fiber Bars, Omega 3 Tablets