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All Ages and Needs


GlycosBio's scientific team is dedicated to the development of clean elemental products that address holistic health. We are working in novel areas of medical food development to provide nutritional choices for all ages and needs. We are committed to meaningfully improving people’s lives through advanced nutritional science and continuous innovation.  



We are scientists and leaders working to solve health issues through evidence-based research.  Our science and biotechnology capabilities are focused on designing and producing natural and wholesome medical foods and nutrition solutions derived from many natural sources for the emerging personalized health and wellness markets.


As a collaborative partner we can design and develop new high performance products tuned to address deficiencies related to specific health issues or diseases.  We can produce cost-competitive clean food ingredients using our plant-based essential amino acid platform and our essential fatty acid formulations.

Please contact us to inquire about licensing or co-development of new foods with our technology. Partnering opportunities are available. To discuss partnering or licensing, please contact Suzanne Kennedy, Ph.D. at

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