Rebalancing the Microbiome to...

Reduce antibiotic use


GlycosBio's scientific team is dedicated to the development of clean elemental plant based products that address microbiome dysbiosis. The concept of selectively influencing the intestinal, pulmonary, and skin microbiota holds promise as a prospective therapy for dysbiosis and an alternative for antibiotics and prescription drug treatment. 


We are working on novel solutions to improve digestive, dermal, and pulmonary health using selective inhibition of harmful bacteria while rebalancing the healthy microbiota. 



We are scientists and leaders working to solve health issues through evidence-based research.  Our science and biotechnology capabilities are focused on designing and producing natural and wholesome GRAS materials derived from plants to limit the use of antibiotics and prescription drugs.


As a collaborative partner we can design and develop new high performance products tuned to address deficiencies related to specific microbiome health issues or diseases.  We license our technology to industry partners for commercialization.  

Please contact us to inquire about licensing or co-development initiatives. To discuss partnering or licensing, please contact Suzanne Kennedy, Ph.D. at

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