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Digestive Disorders

Therapeutic Nutrition - Our Nutritional Approach

Our nutritional philosophy is that patients require nutrition that fits their specific needs caused by their disease. Not all illnesses impact the body’s metabolism and microbiome in the same way. Malnutrition associated with illness is caused by multiple factors which are driven by the age of the patient, type and stage of disease, nutritional deficiencies, and impact of therapeutic treatments.


We provide nutritional rescue lipids scientifically designed to address and overcome deficiencies in specific patient populations related to their disease and resulting microbiome. With the advice of medical professionals and expert scientific advisors we design personalized nutritional lipid systems to improve the bioavailability of nutritional building blocks while balancing the microbiota. At GlycosBio we are taking nutrition to the next level.

Highly Bioavailable Nutrition

We designed and introduced the first medical food specifically designed for cystic fibrosis patients that bypasses the need for enzymatic replacement therapy for exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI).  Without pancreatic enzymatic replacement therapy (PERT), patients cannot digest the fats in food, losing absorption of valuable calories, fat soluble vitamins and micronutrients, resulting in malnutrition. Our first products were developed to address the problem of malnutrition in the 85-90% of cystic fibrosis patients with EPI.


The underlying clinically-proven Lipid Restructuring Technology™ that created the breakthrough is a platform for developing other advanced products that will prevent the need for antibiotics and prescription drugs.  

Technology Platform

GlycosBio’s technology produces modified lipids to support the body's need for high calorie fats and microbiome management. Triglycerides are hard to digest for an individual with a compromised digestive system. GlycosBio jump starts the digestive process outside the body, providing a high performance food delivery system for calorie dense nutrition for compromised patients. These high performance medical foods enable absorption for patients with impaired pancreatic lipase activity.

What are Medical Foods?

The use of Medical Foods are managed under the supervision of a physician. The nutrition is intended for the dietary management of a specific disease or condition for which distinctive nutritional requirements must be met.  These requirements are based on recognized scientific principles and are established by medical evaluation.

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